Saturday, March 24, 2012

Partager Paris Bus Shots

Bus Shot

I love taking pictures while I ride on the bus around Paris.  As you can see, the cafes are packing them in ...
This is a good corner for whiling away time, eating oysters and enjoying one of the best pastimes in Paris - people watching.  Located on the corner of Avenue Montparnasse, right across from the famous Café Le Dome, right around the corner from the Jardin de Luxembourg.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Partager Paris Details

While wandering through Parc Bagatelle last week ... 

this stairwell seemed so inviting, and delicately placed so all could enjoy it  ....


"Qui trouve la joie doit la partager car le bonheur est né jumeau"

Lord Byron

Friday, March 16, 2012

Partager the Weekend

Le Pain Weekend
I'm not sure why they call it weekend bread,   le pain du weekend.   They sell it everyday of the week ... but we usually only buy it on the weekend.  Our boulangerie has three different kinds - grain, poppy, and natural.  It stays soft and delicious all weekend long,  not like your baguette quotidien. 
You might want to try it while you are here.  I'm sure its available at any boulangerie.   So, when you stop at your neighborhood boulangerie while you are here, be sure to pick some up along with that pain au chocolate you will be buying for breakfast.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paris Eats

While you are out on one of your many strolls around Paris, don’t forget to stop and eat!  There is so much to do and see, that you sometimes forget this important activity.  So, take advantage of the crepe stands along the way!   You can choose sucre (cinnamon, lemon with sugar, abricot jam, nutella and banana)  ou saler (eggs, cheese, mushrooms, ...) 
Or you can be inventive and come up with your own unique combination of goodies.
This is my favorite crepe stand in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  It is located near the back entrance, before you come up to the fountain.  She is always smiling, no matter what the temperature!
Look closely and you will see that it doubles for a library!  Who would have thought to place leather bound books in a crepe stand?  Only in Paris ...


Le bonheur, c'est comme une maladie.  C'est contagieux.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Partager Paris Shopping - Le Comptoir de la Nature

Le Comptoir de la Nature

My walking promenades around the fifth arrondisement have taken me by this corner bio store, Le Comptoir de la Nature.  I have made it part of my regular routine when I visit the Jardin de Luxembourg, which is just around the corner ... or if I am attending a classical concert, usually soothing gregorian chants, at the Eglise, 
Saint-Jacques du Haut Pas.

The Comptoir is quite diverse, with all kinds of food products, fresh produce en direct de la ferme, ...  fresh cheeses and yogurts, plus the usual pastas, jellies, honeys, sauces, teas ...  Anything you might want for your meals for the week, plus bio wines and champagnes.  One of the owners is quite the wine expert and he has many NICE wines to choose from, and he is very happy to help you find the perfect wine for your meal.

Also, if you are low on any beauty and skin products, you might want to take a look ....  rose cream by Dr. Hauschka can make you feel brand new!

OR, just stop by for a Bon Goûter!
Ask for Joanna, she will be happy to show you around.

Le Comptoir de la Nature
corner of Rue St. Jacques and Ursulines Thuillier

Le bonheur, c'est juste être avec quelqu'un, et partager