Friday, March 16, 2012

Partager the Weekend

Le Pain Weekend
I'm not sure why they call it weekend bread,   le pain du weekend.   They sell it everyday of the week ... but we usually only buy it on the weekend.  Our boulangerie has three different kinds - grain, poppy, and natural.  It stays soft and delicious all weekend long,  not like your baguette quotidien. 
You might want to try it while you are here.  I'm sure its available at any boulangerie.   So, when you stop at your neighborhood boulangerie while you are here, be sure to pick some up along with that pain au chocolate you will be buying for breakfast.



  1. OK...un pain du weekend et deux pains au chocolate pour moi s'il vous plait! But will my local boulangerie understand me when I make this order? I guess I'll soon find out. Merci beaucoup for the tip.

  2. I am always surprised to see long waiting queues in front of boulangeries on Sundays.
    Do parisians only buy bread on weekends?

    1. Hello to you both ...
      No, Parisiens buy bread everyday of the week, sometimes several times a day. But, on Sundays the lines are always long for Sunday lunch with the family. Be sure to get there before noon on Sundays!

  3. The sight of that bread makes my stomach growl. √

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