Friday, February 26, 2010

Partager Smiles at Paris Cafes

The weekend has arrived once again in Paris...and one of the best ways to spend your time is in one of Paris' many cafes, especially the "petit" hours of the night...after you have returned from your "formal" entertainment of the evening...Take the time to just sit down for a few minutes ..and "informally" try that decadent digestif you've always wanted, but never dared to try, may I suggest some armagnac or an ancient cognac...and snuggle up to  Enjoy the café life of Paris!   

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Partager Coulis de Salidou

It is the time of the year to take advantage of all things sweet! especially CARAMEL! I think I have maybe overdosed on that frame of mind as I look in the mirror...but, we still have time to perdre les poids before its time to put on those summer frocks.  Plus, if you follow the religious tradition of Lent, or maybe just join in the Mardi Gras after-party routine, you will be leaving the Sweets behind...on someone else's behind...ha. But while we can, let's partager some CARAMEL!  Who can go wrong with this delicious specialty from Brittany made from sugar, fresh butter, cream and salt from the Guérande...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Partager Chocolate

Well, you know what they say about Le Chocolat?  Everyone loves it!  The weekend has arrived once more in Paris....and the proper thing to do if you are invited to someones's home for an evening of food and to take them a small cadeau.  So, tonite, we are invited out, and I am in search of the perfect hostess gift...and guess what comes to mind?  Bien Sûr!  Le Chocolat by Servant.  
They are some of the best I have eaten, and I have put many to the test.  It is artisanal chocolates made with 100% cocoa butter.   Their Ganaches are a reason to have a party and hope someone brings you a box...or maybe just go and buy your own!  They are smooth silky mixtures of chocolate and cream with a tiny touch of butter...and infused with a touch of coffee or tea, or fruits or a small hint of a liquor...or maybe even a bit of red pepper (happens to be one of my favorites, two flavors I had not imagined went so well together)
So, just to name a few that appeared in my last hostess gift...Le Palet Servant, L' Araguani, Le Tonka, Le Jasmin, Le Caramel Poire...such a name dropper I am...shall I go on?

think about Partagerai some Chocolats with someone this weekend...

30, rue d'Auteuil 75016 Paris

5 rue de Sévres 75006 Paris

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Partager Bûgnes for Carnival!

The Bûgnes have arrived!  And SO very tempting to just grab a few each time you visit the boulangerie!
If you are not familiar with Les Bûgnes, then think Beignets from New Orleans...nearly the same level of deliciousness and naughtiness (are those real words?).  At my boulangerie, he sells them by the kilo, which makes them seem very expensive, keeping my order to "je voudrais 5 pieces, s'il vous plait" ... but, here, sold by the cent grams, I feel like I can buy much more!  And I did, and they were delicious with a cup of chocolat chaud. ... miam, miam.... 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Partager French Cooking

When I originally moved to Paris, I was introduced to lots of people, courtesy  of my immobilier, real estate agent, of them being the author of this beautiful 2 volume set of cooking books,
ÉCAILLE  &  PLUME.   This is just one of the many cookbooks that will be displayed at the Paris Cookbook Fair at Le Centquatre this week, Feb. 12 - 15 2010.   Marie Naël  was a regular customer of L'Epicerie Fine, when I first met her.  She was always buying interesting products, such as raspberry mustards, des banyuls vinegars, risotto rices, truffle oils,  and well...I could go on and on with the grocery list she carried with her...But it did make me curious as to who she was, and what was she doing with all those goodies!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Partager Photos

Paris is THE place for photographers...but sometimes, the subjects are nearer to home.....

My husband has a huge passion for photography....  thus, many of our friends come our way when phtotographs are needed, as in this case, or wanted, as in this case, too...  And since I like to hold a camera myself, (I like to think of myself as the director muse), we have mingled our passions, skills and talents.  Its a great way to spend the day., and come on..We are in Paris!   So, here we have some of my husband's work that I wanted to partager with you. What do you think? 

(If you would like to see more of mon marie's photos take a look at his Flickr site.)

Maybe you would like to partager some days with us taking pictures in Paris.
We are waiting to hear from you.....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Le Florimond, located at 19, avenue de Motte-Piquet in the 7th arrondisement,  is a hidden gem in my quartier..."in the same manner of Florimond, the gardener of Claude Monet".....the chef, Pascal, mixes his magic, inspired by the best produce from the local markets, the freshest fish and seasonal products, and secret spice mixtures that are only known by his kitchen....But this cool weather calls for that special meal that Pascal makes with his grandmother's secret recipe... Chou farci, "recette de ma grand-mere" claims Pascal.