Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Partager Bûgnes for Carnival!

The Bûgnes have arrived!  And SO very tempting to just grab a few each time you visit the boulangerie!
If you are not familiar with Les Bûgnes, then think Beignets from New Orleans...nearly the same level of deliciousness and naughtiness (are those real words?).  At my boulangerie, he sells them by the kilo, which makes them seem very expensive, keeping my order to "je voudrais 5 pieces, s'il vous plait" ... but, here, sold by the cent grams, I feel like I can buy much more!  And I did, and they were delicious with a cup of chocolat chaud. ... miam, miam.... 

Bûgnes are a culinary specialty from Lyon in central France, a type of beignet dough made in the shape of small decorative knots, then fried in oil and sprinkled with powdered sugar.  You will find them in the boulangeries from January to Shrove Tuesday.  Jean Bérard introduced these taste treats, which was bought by the municipal offices in Lyon in 1538.  So long ago, the people were trying to improve their once- a- day meal during Lent by adding Les Brûgnes.  Later, this delicious treat was improved by the local housewives, and the "Maître Bugnetier"  (cooks specializing in cooking this culinary specialty) by adding lemon zest, rum or orange flavored liquor.   

So, if you decide to try it yourself:

Bûgnes Lyonnaises
500 g flour
3 eggs
125 gr butter
1 glass of water
lemon zest or orange-flavored liquor

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.  Roll out the batter.  Cut into rectangles and make an incision.
Fry the rectangles in hot oil.  Remove and drain a bit, and the sprinkle with powdered sugar...

Then Partager with all!

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