Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Dans Mon Coin" Serge Lutens

It's hard for me to resist perfume, not just any perfumes, but the Parfums made by Serge Lutens "..a stimulant for the senses, tonic for the spirit, a luxurious mirage, our own shadow.." is how he describes his magic potions. I must have inherited this great trait from my mom, who is also a perfume lover. I have converted my whole family...the female ones, at least...come to think of it? Does he have men's perfumes as well? Something for me to "nose" around and find out (please pardon the pun). Lucky for me , over the weekend, Marionnaud, dans mon coin had a moins 20% sale on all perfumes! talk about a stimulating experience! this perfume is meant to be shared...

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