Friday, August 27, 2010

Partager Paris Markets Marché Maubert

Marché Maubert 5e

When I have trouble sleeping, and sometimes there are those nights that I am too excited about the next day to fall asleep...I use the simple technique of planning a menu from all the lovely fresh produce at the fresh markets of Paris.  I have decided to visit each market and find their specialities.  Want to come along?

This past week I visited the Marché Maubert in the 5th.  An easy bus ride and I am there .... trying to decide which end to start.  There are around 20 - 25 stalls; a bit hard to tell since these are still the summer sellers, the abonners (regular booth sellers) are still on vacation.  This is France you, at the market today was an abundance of bijoux sellers, from China, South America, southern France, Paris, (they even take credit cards!) ..... also, your usual seasonal fruits and vegetables, my favorite stall - la Miel, not only honey in its pure form, but also soaps, cakes, candy drop, which are one of my trusted purse items, clothes,including hats, panama and winter berets and caps,  blankets (some of the best prices I have seen so far), delicious products from the Southwest of France, home to foie gras, cassoulet, easy to heat meals (cog au vin, cuisse de canard ... can't wait to try those) and all types of delicious chopped meats and patés, and did I mention wines from Bergerac?

The market was over before I was ready, but there is always next week!

Marche Maubert 
Place Maubert
Metro Maubert Mutualité
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays usual from early until about 1:00

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Partager Chantilly

Snail on its way to Chantilly
I've been hearing a lot about snails lately ... and this was after I found this little guy on the  fence on his way to the Chateau of Chantilly.  Apparently there is talk of the Fionacci numbers and how it relates to the basic DNA structure that we all share ... way too complicated for this read, but AS Byatt (one of my favorite authors) shares my interst in neurosciences, and she happen to speak of it, too... so where this is going I'm not sure... but I had taken a picture of a snail the preceding day, and I can only ask myself WHY?

But, it had to have had something to do with the beauty of nature that we encountered on our way back from Senlis.  We had rounded a corner and then IT was en face!  What a nice way to end our day-tripping!  The Chateau of Chantilly!  If you are coming to Paris anytime soon, and have a day to spare, try to fit this in.  Let me know if I can help you, I will be glad to Partager Chantilly with you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Partager Senlis

Cathédrale Notre-Dame Senlis

Mr. T and I are spending our last few days of his vacances taking day trips here and there, looking for a possible place to live someday ...  Our daytrips have been chosen with the help of my great new favorite book by Annabel Simms, One Hour From Paris.   The book is just the thing to motivate you out to the outer edges of the RERs lines (regional trains of Paris), and then even further on to the footpaths that were used years ago.  The book is organized into city/chapters which give you a nice historical summary, suggested visit and lots of useful FYIs at the end of each chapter ... such as best time to go, (based on fresh markets days, museum hours, etc),  getting there (train, car, taxi, etc) museums/attractions, and restaurants .. enough information to lure you there and keep you occupied until the last train leaves!  We chose the city of Senlis, which is located at the convergence of several major forests, boasts exceptional architectural and cultural heritage.  Its 40 ha is a preserved area well-loved by film-directors.  The day flew by exploring the riches of the city that Ms. Simms had described so well.

Maybe we could live here someday?

Fall is just around the corner ... one of the best times to Partager Paris and More!
Plan your trip and we will explore together!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Partager Paris Plage

The summer is nearly over ... la rentrée is nearly here, so if you have stayed in Paris in August and have not visited the Paris Plage yet, go have some fun this weekend before its too late!  The second part of Paris Plage is near the Bassin de la Villette.    
The Paris Photo Meetup met there last weekend, and had quite the time!   Unfortunately we had a bit of a ruction with one particular young security officer who had a problem with us taking photos at one end of the plage, but security at the other end were quite friendly about us being there snapping away.  Always a good time with the photo meetup. So, if you are in Paris and want some good shooting with some great photographers, look us up and join in. 

Maybe I will get up the courage to join in with the dancers this weekend!
Come and Partager la Plage and let's dance !


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Partager Paris Apartments and More

This could be what is waiting for you if you are staying in my neighbor's new vacation rental apartments (  He has been talking about them, working on them, doing nothing but making them perfect ... and they soon will be!  Mr. T and I went to toast all their assets:  the fantastic location, each apartment furnished differently and with a "beautiful French touch,"  the exceptional views, the tranquility of the courtyard,  and ALL the great shopping on rue St. Honoré! and more ...  Mr. P sure has an eye for detail and making you feel special.  Here are a few other views from the apartment to enjoy:
A nice place to  Partager  your time in Paris!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Partager Les Roses

An extra post, but they were out of time ...
They were a gift from a neighbor ...  I have been enjoying them for a week now, and really hated to see them go ....  take some time and smell the roses before they are gone.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Partager "Sun Dog" Night

Taking a walk around Paris usually turns into a "happening" of some sort.  The other night, Mr. T was involved in a major photo contest, so we headed out to see what we could see.  Any direction will take you there.   Our first stop was the Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor, because there are such lovely views from this bridge at sunset, plus there are usually some interesting people gathered together, playing music, dancing or picnicing.  We had gotten off the bus and taken two steps onto the bridge when I looked up ... and "WOW ...  what is that?"  If you look closely at my photo (of course, Mr. T's was much better, but mine will have to do unless you look at his Flickr site ) you will see "3 Suns"  AKA, Sun Dog. or a mock sun.  Such a photo opp!!  We both yanked out our cameras, laughing at the coincidence of this miraculous siting.  But, I think Shakespeare said it best, "Dazzle mine eyes, or do I see three suns?"

So, next time you are in Paris, maybe take a walk over this pedestrian bridge and hope for a "3 Sun Dog Night"  !


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Partager Bateau Mouche

A day on the river!  A great way to see the city of Paris!  Over the weekend, Mr. T and I went for our usual Sunday afternoon walk across the  pedestrian bridge near the Musee Quai Branly.   And as usual for this time of year, the Bateaux Mouches were making their cruises up and down the river, putting smiles on lots of  faces.  Everyone is friendly on boats and buses.  Your next new friend could be just a wave away!  Yes, In Paris, sometimes a smile, a quick wink, or just  a turn of your head could be the opening to an interesting afternoon in our lovely city.

Even if Paris is your home, the Bateaux Mouche is a great way to spend the day, and get new perspectives of Paris.

Enjoy the summer in Paris!