Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Partager Paris Plage

The summer is nearly over ... la rentrée is nearly here, so if you have stayed in Paris in August and have not visited the Paris Plage yet, go have some fun this weekend before its too late!  The second part of Paris Plage is near the Bassin de la Villette.    
The Paris Photo Meetup met there last weekend, and had quite the time!   Unfortunately we had a bit of a ruction with one particular young security officer who had a problem with us taking photos at one end of the plage, but security at the other end were quite friendly about us being there snapping away.  Always a good time with the photo meetup. So, if you are in Paris and want some good shooting with some great photographers, look us up and join in. 

Maybe I will get up the courage to join in with the dancers this weekend!
Come and Partager la Plage and let's dance !



  1. Hello Mrs. B! I'm one of Mr. T's friends from Flickr whom he came to meet together with Mr. P last monday.
    My boyfriend and I flew in from Rome for only 4 days and sadly didn't get the chance to "live" Paris Plage, though I did take a few pics from above.

    Hope to be able to visit again soon and to maybe meet you too next time... then maybe we can enjoy the wine together!

  2. Hello Ms. Sunshine!
    So nice of you to visit, and there will certainly be a next time to Paris!
    Share some wine and a photo walkabout.
    hope its soon,
    Ms. B