Friday, October 29, 2010

Partager Afternoon Tea á la Français

Afternoon Delights

I seemed to run into him everywhere I went... and each time we talked about getting together and sharing photographs of our latest voyages, about his research of the Seychelles Islands, about  his wife and all the grandchildren ... on and on .... and of course, it never happens.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  It seems to happen a lot in Paris. The reason for this is simple.  In Paris, you frequently meet new people, new and exciting people who you share common interests, or they are new in town and maybe a bit lonely ... or you just want to get to know them better, and so the discussion leads to the "let's get together sometime soon" conversation.  These future plans are discussed with great excitement, can't wait to get together, when? where? How? and then ... never happens.   This time, when I ran into him, I was determined to send him an invitation by text, telephone, or Parisian pigeon.  And I did. And he accepted.  
What a nice afternoon, sipping tea, and enjoying afternoon tasty delights! Hearing, in full, all of the things we had said we would discuss and much more ... 
I am so glad I was  determined.  I really should be that way more often!

Partager the day and "les gouters" with a friend.  You'll be glad you did.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Partager Minds

Some days I think too much, and others ....
I just don't feel like it ...
what about you?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Partager NO Place like Home ....

My Corner ...
I spent the whole day on Wednesday looking at apartments.  I felt completely upside down as to where I and if I should really be spending my time like this.  Of all the apartments I visited,  there was nothing I could imagine myself living in ... not for even a week as a holiday home.  Paris is like any other big city when it comes to finding your special spot you can call home.  It doesn't come easy, and most of the time, it is your connections who lets you know when there is something interesting.  
When we first arrived in Paris,  I had no idea the despondency I would feel before the "magic" place was found.  The weeks living in an apartment wasn't so bad ... my friends would make this plain to me when I would complain about having no place to live.. "oh, the poor thing, she HAS to stay in a quaint little hotel in Paris ..."  
But, the chase is on ... trying to find that perfect place, but for the moment, 
There is no place like home!  


Friday, October 15, 2010

Partager Picnics in Paris

Picnic at Jeu de Paume vu par PP
Picnics are a way of life here in Paris.   Especially if you are not used to the  hours of  eating in restaurants, which btw, is from noon to about 2:30.  After that you need to find a brasserie or café to quiet those hunger pangs ... so, picnics are one of the best ways to get thru the day.  Picnics in Paris can take place just about anywhere you like.  Choose a nice paté, some cheeses and fruit, few slices of ham and sausages, baguette and a nice pastry to end with ... oh, and don't forget a sampling of wine.  Here we have a couple who has found the perfect spot for that quick picnic as they wait for the Jeu de Paume to open. 

Today, the weather has turned that lovely, romantic  gray that Paris is  famous for  ..  so,  we headed to the Jeu de Paume to visit the  latest retrospective and meet some of Mr. T's "imaginary friends" from Canada that he corresponds with regularly in internet photo contests, etc... So, of course, the photo exhibtion was very apropos for our meeting;  and the "imaginary" friends took on a real reality before long.  So glad Mr. T makes friends so easily!

The exhibition was a collection of  André Kertész photos sharing his beginnings in Hungary, time spent in Paris (his favorite time of his life) and his many years in NYC (1894-1985);   an Hungarian photographer who became one of the leading figures of avant-garde photography in Paris.  A fantastic collection which left me with words to live by...

"I will be an amateur all my life ... I'm forever a beginner who discovers the world over and over ... "

The exhibition will be in Paris until 
6 February, 2011, Jeu de Paume, Paris France 

Nice way to start each day, n'est pas?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Partager "le Pain" and other yummie things ...

Waiting for baguettes
It happens several times a day, but Sunday mornings are the worse ...  In-line waiting for your baguette!  It is a phenomena here; it happens in every neighborhood.  Baguettes, breads of all kinds, pastries are eaten all day long and by everyone.  This happens to be the boulangerie right in front of my apartment, so I have this "cinema"  to watch throughout the day.  Another interesting phenomena here in Paris, is that you are loyal to your boulangerie.   If you do happen to "stray" .... you make sure "they" do not see you carrying in someone else's bread!

Yesterday I "strayed"  to a NEW boulangerie.  One of my friends and her husband (and their little boy) have opened their own boulangerie.  It is exciting to me to visit "behind the scenes"  of their shop in the 15th arrondisement, rue Vaurigard (btw, the longest street in Paris).  It is charming, old shop they have really turned into something special.  With its marble counters and large display windows (which she changes every 15 days, she has told me) and colorful terra cotta floor ... I feel as though I have stepped way back in time.  The smells wafting thru the shop ... as I am saying "I will take one of those, and one of those ... and don't forget one of those café eclairs!"

MIam, MIam!!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Partager Photos - Adela's Show Tiime

Le Bon Coin Gallery Rue Montcalm
The day was gorgeous and screamed for a trip around town.  I had received an invitation to a vernissage in the 18e from a good friend in our Paris PhotoMeetup Group.  Did I tell you about that?  Always a good way to find your way around in a new city ... for those who like to travel with your camera, just google up Photo Meetup - city - and there you have it.  We have an exceptionally good group that more or less live in Paris, so there are familiar faces each time there is a meet-up ..   (take a look).  Please join us sometime.

The exhibition was housed in a gallery in the 18e, right in front of the Bon Coin Café on rue Montcalm.  Already the place sounded alluring ... , any connection to calm is attractive to me lately ... and since the 18e arrondisement has captured my interests recently, I have made it my new favorite arrondisement to explore.  So, off I head to find my photo buddies ... The gallery has been acquired thru an organization called PAN, Paris Alumnae/i Network.   PAN has been in existence since 1994, so not really new, but I had never heard of them before.  It welcomes Anglophones from all walks and parts of the world, and life, something that sounds very interesting to me .. along with the very affordable dues that go along with these types of Parisian get-togethers.  Their activities range from career development, social, educational, and cultural events  .. many that have caught my eye as I took a glance at their website.  Thanks, my friends, for telling me about this new way to enjoy another part of Paris.

But back to the Bon Coin ("A's"')  photography exhibition ... we are always proud when one of OURS (photo group) is on display around town.  It is a special moment, as photographers tend to relate to their pictures in emotional ways .... and when one is successful, as "A" has been, we all feel that warm, fuzzy feeling, too.  A success was felt by all!

So another part of Paris discovered, along with a new group, PAN, to visit ...
Come along and Partager  the fun!



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Partager Les Fetes des Vendanges at Montmarte

The fall is here and that means the grapes are ready for picking, which also means it is time for Les Fetes des Vendanges at Montmarte.  If you have not participated in this annual event, you really need to go!  After all my years of living in Paris, last year was my first time for going to this largely celebrated affair, and now, I am sorry that I have missed many years of fun and celebration.   So, don't miss out!  The parade is the highlight of the fete, so check out the times on the website.   

All regions of France are represented ..., so lots of entertainment, food demonstrations, wine flows freely, along with other delicious tastes and smells of the season.  Starting today and thru the weekend, plan your time to include this fete des fetes!

On Saturday night, Oct. 9, in front of Sacré-Coeur, there will be Grand Feu d'Artifice en musique, some fantastic fireworks and music,  by Jacques Couturier Organisation.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Partager Fondue!

Love Fondue!

While we were visiting our bons amis in Geneva, they were kind enough to take us to one of the most "famous"  restaurant to eat the VERY BEST fondue in Switzerland.  The famous restaurant, Café-restaurant des Ramparts in Gruyères is known for its moitiè-moitiè, which is a creamy fondue made of gruyère cheese and fribourgeois cheese, bit of nutmeg, and of course, some Swiss white wine.  The recipe works well if you use REAL Swiss cheeses and wines.  Alors,  you need to start planning your trip now for the proper fondue.  Winter is on its way!

While you are in the trés belle ville of Gruyères, take some time to visit the museum and bar of the famous surrealist sculptor/artist who made the film Alien famous, H. R Giger.  His bar is quite unique and really not so scary once you've had a glass of wine or two!

Bon Route!