Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Partager "le Pain" and other yummie things ...

Waiting for baguettes
It happens several times a day, but Sunday mornings are the worse ...  In-line waiting for your baguette!  It is a phenomena here; it happens in every neighborhood.  Baguettes, breads of all kinds, pastries are eaten all day long and by everyone.  This happens to be the boulangerie right in front of my apartment, so I have this "cinema"  to watch throughout the day.  Another interesting phenomena here in Paris, is that you are loyal to your boulangerie.   If you do happen to "stray" .... you make sure "they" do not see you carrying in someone else's bread!

Yesterday I "strayed"  to a NEW boulangerie.  One of my friends and her husband (and their little boy) have opened their own boulangerie.  It is exciting to me to visit "behind the scenes"  of their shop in the 15th arrondisement, rue Vaurigard (btw, the longest street in Paris).  It is charming, old shop they have really turned into something special.  With its marble counters and large display windows (which she changes every 15 days, she has told me) and colorful terra cotta floor ... I feel as though I have stepped way back in time.  The smells wafting thru the shop ... as I am saying "I will take one of those, and one of those ... and don't forget one of those café eclairs!"

MIam, MIam!!


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