Friday, October 22, 2010

Partager NO Place like Home ....

My Corner ...
I spent the whole day on Wednesday looking at apartments.  I felt completely upside down as to where I and if I should really be spending my time like this.  Of all the apartments I visited,  there was nothing I could imagine myself living in ... not for even a week as a holiday home.  Paris is like any other big city when it comes to finding your special spot you can call home.  It doesn't come easy, and most of the time, it is your connections who lets you know when there is something interesting.  
When we first arrived in Paris,  I had no idea the despondency I would feel before the "magic" place was found.  The weeks living in an apartment wasn't so bad ... my friends would make this plain to me when I would complain about having no place to live.. "oh, the poor thing, she HAS to stay in a quaint little hotel in Paris ..."  
But, the chase is on ... trying to find that perfect place, but for the moment, 
There is no place like home!  


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