Sunday, October 10, 2010

Partager Photos - Adela's Show Tiime

Le Bon Coin Gallery Rue Montcalm
The day was gorgeous and screamed for a trip around town.  I had received an invitation to a vernissage in the 18e from a good friend in our Paris PhotoMeetup Group.  Did I tell you about that?  Always a good way to find your way around in a new city ... for those who like to travel with your camera, just google up Photo Meetup - city - and there you have it.  We have an exceptionally good group that more or less live in Paris, so there are familiar faces each time there is a meet-up ..   (take a look).  Please join us sometime.

The exhibition was housed in a gallery in the 18e, right in front of the Bon Coin Café on rue Montcalm.  Already the place sounded alluring ... , any connection to calm is attractive to me lately ... and since the 18e arrondisement has captured my interests recently, I have made it my new favorite arrondisement to explore.  So, off I head to find my photo buddies ... The gallery has been acquired thru an organization called PAN, Paris Alumnae/i Network.   PAN has been in existence since 1994, so not really new, but I had never heard of them before.  It welcomes Anglophones from all walks and parts of the world, and life, something that sounds very interesting to me .. along with the very affordable dues that go along with these types of Parisian get-togethers.  Their activities range from career development, social, educational, and cultural events  .. many that have caught my eye as I took a glance at their website.  Thanks, my friends, for telling me about this new way to enjoy another part of Paris.

But back to the Bon Coin ("A's"')  photography exhibition ... we are always proud when one of OURS (photo group) is on display around town.  It is a special moment, as photographers tend to relate to their pictures in emotional ways .... and when one is successful, as "A" has been, we all feel that warm, fuzzy feeling, too.  A success was felt by all!

So another part of Paris discovered, along with a new group, PAN, to visit ...
Come along and Partager  the fun!



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