Friday, October 1, 2010

Partager Fondue!

Love Fondue!

While we were visiting our bons amis in Geneva, they were kind enough to take us to one of the most "famous"  restaurant to eat the VERY BEST fondue in Switzerland.  The famous restaurant, Café-restaurant des Ramparts in Gruyères is known for its moitiè-moitiè, which is a creamy fondue made of gruyère cheese and fribourgeois cheese, bit of nutmeg, and of course, some Swiss white wine.  The recipe works well if you use REAL Swiss cheeses and wines.  Alors,  you need to start planning your trip now for the proper fondue.  Winter is on its way!

While you are in the trés belle ville of Gruyères, take some time to visit the museum and bar of the famous surrealist sculptor/artist who made the film Alien famous, H. R Giger.  His bar is quite unique and really not so scary once you've had a glass of wine or two!

Bon Route!

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