Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Partager CARNAR - Viande D'Argentine

Carnar, 13 rue de la Comète - 75007

This story is not for vegetarians!
We have just returned from a "Not for Vegetarians" weekend with some of our bestest buds from Paris, S and JP, who have recently demanager á Geneve.  That is one of the good/bad parts of living in Paris ... which is ... (this is the good part) ... you meet lots of nice people, become close .... and (this is the bad part) ... they often move away.  BUT, (this is the other part of the good part), they invite you to visit them wherever their new home may be.    
So, we are invited to Geneva ...

Walking around the quartier, as often I do, this shop, Carnar caught my eye.  First of all, I thought it was an Argentinian restaurant, which it wasn't ... but it was the next best thing.  A Take-Out Argentinian store, a Vente au Public!  As JP is in love with a good steak,  I decided to venture in to see what it was all about....especially since the weekend for our Geneva BBQ  was approaching, and I knew how JP would really be happy to see us with this cadeau in our luggage.  The vendeures were very kind and helpful, showing all the cuts of beef, best ones for the bar-be, and suggested wines for each cut of beef.   Also they have many side dishes and some desserts you can also add to your order.  It takes a few days, so plan ahead, but it is soooo worth it (if you are not a vegetarian), especially if you know someone who really enjoys some delicious Argentinian beef.   Right JP? 

Our weekend in Geneva was a great success, with an open invitation ... I guess as long as we bring the goods from Carnar we will be visiting Geneva again soon!!

Take a walk by and plan your weekend BBQ


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