Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Partager Paris Arrondisments - 18e

L'Escalier off rue Caulaincourt

Another of my little hobbies that fills my days is chasing after brocantes and vide-greniers (empty the attic, since the garages are few and far between here).  This is not a new thing for me, as I managed to make the rounds in my old home town of Jacksonville Beach.  
Paris and around ... has a plethora of them.  The difficulty is chosing which one to visit on your "empty"  weekend day.  The website  helps me figure out this difficult task.  Sometimes I even talk Mr. T in coming along... 
One of the best parts of the puces tour, besides finding that really special something that absolutely no one else has ... is discovering a new part of Paris.  Last weekend, I chose the 18e, getting off the bus at rue Caulaincourt and heading down the "rabbit holes"  that are frequent in this quartier.  Wandering around this area affectionately called the "Balcony of Paris", it is a half-dream, half-nightmare of an area; exploring the seedy joints and Christian sites sitting side by side.  

Its time to get familiar with the area since the Vendange - the local annual wine-harvest parade and party will be the first of October.  Take a look at what's to come!:

á prochain!

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