Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Partager The End of the Summer Fruits

Miam .. Miam...
The rains have returned to Paris today .. a bit triste ..., but there is still a bit of summer fruits to enjoy before the season is over. So Waste no time gathering up those last tastes of Summer ... those luscious peaches, plump blackberries, sensuous mangos, and sweet mirabelles at your favorite marché.

This is a lunch that my friend, J, served me the other day.  I felt like I had just devoured an injection of health,  magic, and even some extra "smarts."  I proceeded to my new french professor's house, and wowed her with my progress, well nearly..... I did feel a certain amount of confidence after eating this delicious repas of summer fruits.  This confidence cannot come soon enough, as we are interviewing for our 10-year residency card in a few short weeks.  I realize that my french should (and I am most of the time understood correctly) be somewhat acceptable by now... but losing this southern accent is difficult!  So, back to school I go for another round!

Anyone have their 10-year card that could give me some tips?
Merci d'avance,


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