Friday, September 17, 2010

Partager More ... RIGA, LATVIA

Old Riga
The past week flew by .. way too fast when you are having a good time in Riga, Latvia.
This picture represents a real quiet part of the day in Riga.  It doesn't look like this all day and never at night ... the nights are quite different.   People from everywhere are enjoying the last remaining clear nights of the summer season.  Restaurants are everywhere, bike taxis to pedal you home after hours enjoying the music that could be found at the many beer gardens ... that ran into the next beer garden and into the next beer garden ... and I'm sure you get it..., interesting small shops selling their famous amber from the sea, craft markets selling their handmade linens, woolens, and carved leather books, and flower vendors on every corner brightening up your day.   Plus, the largest fresh market in Europe, selling the biggest mushrooms I have ever seen.  Walking thru this market was like taking a walk in the forest ..the smell of these mushrooms hit you, forcing you to find the nearest restaurant with mushroom soup on its outdoor menu.   Fortunately, that was not a problem in this easy to get around town.  Transportation by bus and tram was easy to figure out and jump on.  Just look out for the controllers on the right bank! 

Yes, Riga, is a very agreeable city, a very lively place to spend your weekend.   I had been anxiously waiting for an invitation from Mr. T to visit the "Paris of the North"  for quite some time.  The last time he went, poor guy, was in February, meters of snow minimized his explorations, but even with this hardship he managed to take some great pictures and have some stories to share... Enough to catch my interest and hope that I, too, would be flying Baltic Air to this lovely city, decorated in art nouveau architecture,  near the Baltic Sea.  

There are some tips I will pass on to you, so you will have an even better time in Riga ...
If you are heading that way, let me know and I will be happy to partager  them with you!


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