Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Partager La Vie á Paris - Manifestations

Manifestation 2009

Tomorrow will be a challenging day.   Another manifestation against the changes that are trying to take place in the social system of France.  So, this is how it will probably look from my window tomorrow.   there will be many disruptions of trains, RER, bus and metro I think the teachers are participating, so the children will lose a day of school.   I guess , being American, the changes seem quite minimal - 60 years of age to 62, when in the good ole 
US of A, it is more like 65 years old ... and we will be lucky if there are any monies left when we reach this ripe old age.   So, what to do?  

Enjoy the music and hope that it doesn't last for too many days....

You have to give the french credit for not letting anyone go hungry along the way!

Words of advice... When you are traveling to France in September...take care.


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