Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Partager Les Maison des Metallos

Every now and then I venture out for a night out with “the girls”.  As you might know my husband and I are deeply in love with photography; me for the beauty and memory of the moment, and he for le meme, plus the science and technology of the camera  ... we each have our roles to play and teach.  So, while we have been living in Paris, we have been involved with the Paris PhotoMeetup.  He more so than me, because he has more to offer when it comes to teaching about the hidden secrets of cameras, lighting .. you know technical type stuff that he thrives on, and is patient enough to share with others.

The Photo Meetup is a great group of people.  We have made so many friends and have had the wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world who share our common passion.  If you are of the same mind visiting Paris, please “meet-up” with us! 

“The Girls”  are a bit of a subset of the Photo Meetup ... one already a great friend, while the other 2 to 3 to 4  ... I met at the meetup.  We sometimes combine our “Girls Night Out”  with some culture.  This past month we were “invited” to a vernissage at the Les Maison des Metallos,  “Photographies Soudanaises”.  There is one more day left for this exposition, but the calendar of schedules events is worth taking a look.  
(Le Contraire de L’Amour for example)

Les Maison des Métallos is a cultural establishment of the city of Paris set up for the pursuit of creative endeavors - photography, dance, social and artistic discussions, you name it!  It is in the heart of the Belleville - Ménilmontant “neighborhoods vivant” and should be on your list of places to visit while you are in Paris.

A little history ... In the beginning, the Métallos was the warehouse for the fabrication of copper musical instruments.  Many years later it became the home to Couesnon, internationally famous for its musical instruments.  
It was also the home to many strong anti-war movements, before and after the world wars.  Many resistance discussions were held in this building.  Some led by the famous French resistance leader, Jean-Pierre Timbaud.
Today it still continues to promote social movements and heated discuter on political and artistic fronts.

So, back to the “Girls Night Out” ... A great time was had by all, the wines were poured generously, all type of delicious tastes were in abundance ... 

Thank you for a great night out, Girls!  
Waiting by the phone for the call for next month .....

Les Maison des Metallos
94, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris 11e
01 48 05 88 27


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