Friday, January 29, 2010

Partager Paris Carousels

The gray skies were starting to play a number on my mood...but a quick trip to BHV (who am I kidding...there is NO way to shop around BHV quickly) So... back to the SAD mood I was sneaking into...As I exited the metro Hotel de Ville, my eyes shot to the brightly-lit, multi-colored, music-playing, dancing Paris Carousel, one of the many that light up some of the gray corners of Paris.  I immediately smiled and picked up my pace,  realized the day was just beginning for me, and OHHH, always so much to see and do everyday in Paris... No matter the weather, the day of the week, manifestation or not, alone or in a crowd.    Perhaps, this was one of the purposes of the many carousels in Paris? ..they are not just for kids.  Or are they?  Do they return you to your childhood of carefree days and nights, lucky to celebrate life in this City of Lights?  It sure had that effect on me.  So, if these gray winter days try to put you in a downward spiral ...Partager a ride with someone special on a neighborhood carousel.  You will feel your gray clouds lift!

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  1. I have never known you to be SAD or alone for long...nice post!