Friday, January 22, 2010

Partager Les Passages de Paris

The weather has been a bit better these last few days, but there have been days you would prefer to spend indoors; even if you are an avid street wanderer of the perfect places to go are the Passages, Paris's first malls.

They are off the beaten path; part of the secret Paris that we all strive to discover when visiting Paris.  There are several of them scattered around the city, but there are a few that are close enough together that you can easily visit  them in one day.

Hotels, wax museums, galleries, import shopping, pastries, antiques, book dealers,  and even one whole shop dedicated to walking canes in the Passage Jouffroy and Verdeau.

There are about seven of them that I like to visit, ranging from the very elegant Galerie Colbert and Vivienne; where you can admire the flamboyant Grecian decor to the Passage Choiseul with its takeaway restaurants, affordable clothing, and 200 meter tiled walkway.
The perfect place partager a winter's day.  Just a few shots to entice a visit to Passage Jouffroy...

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