Sunday, January 10, 2010

Enfin...Back In Paris!


La Fete Continue!!  and Welcome back to Paris!

The New Year and the New Decade is well under way...and I am way behind with my promise to partager Paris  with you...the holidays took me away, but only to return and realize how much I love to live in Paris.

Returning to Paris after these few weeks away, allows me to fall in love with Paris all over again....the sunsets from Sacré Coeur, the cobalt blue of the sky right after the sunset at Bastille...the smell of the boulangerie in the early morning...SO MANY CUTE DOGS!!...the celebration of the epiphany with friends and eating the la Galette des Rois too many times.. the "french stair-master" at your friends apartments who don't have an elevator (really helps out with the too many galettes, though)...Winter SOLDES that remind you of all the BASIC stuff you really need to go buy...bus rides to take pictures of all the places you want to go back and visit...visits to the market at Blvd. Grenelle with all its smells...and, best of all,  une coupe de Champagne from my favorite little store, L'Epicerie Fine on Rue Champs du Mars in the 7th, just to welcome the weekend...
well, as you can see there are many things to partager with you as the year goes by.....Please come along!


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