Monday, November 23, 2009

Partager Florida

Well, as you can see from the scene here, I am no longer in Kansas...I mean Paris.  I forgot to mention that I was leaving for my bi-annual trip to Florida....
to visit, listen, LAUGH A LOT, hug, cuddle, appreciate, respect...and family and friends that I left behind so many years ago.  My story is like the story from Gilligan's Island...we set off for a 3 month tour, and ended up...well, not going back, not so far.... It is always so good to be here with them all.

So, for the next few weeks I will partager the life in Florida.  My first stop is with my friend that I have known since before 1st that possible?  They live in downtown Jacksonville, which is the place to be now-a-days.  I cannot believe the changes to this town, the renewing of the downtown is encouraging, galleries, restaurants, wine bars, new library, fresh market, and clean streets.  Being from Paris, I notice those type of things....  The picture is of the OLD theater where I first saw "Valley of the Dolls"; we snuck in since we were under age to see such a suggestive movie for our young, malleable minds...Now it is the PLACE to Be..great names visit here and partager their talents with J-Ville, Home of the famous NFL Jaguars!

Next stop..Jacksonville Beach!
To Partager the sun and the surf with you!

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