Sunday, November 8, 2009

Partager PhotoQuai 2009

The day is rainy and not exactly the day for outdoor fun, but who cares?  The photos are great and you are overlooking the Seine at the same time.
We had been looking forward to visiting the Photoquai 2009 for several weeks, so the weather didn't enter the equation of should =/or should not when we finally decided to have a Culture Day. So, we joined the rest of the brave souls, umbrellas up,  between the Eiffel Tower and Pont de l'Alma, where we viewed nearly 100 images from non-western photographers (Lebonon, China, Brazil, the Philippines, and Armenia to name a few)  that focused on politics, society and emotions from their worlds.   We walked away with some new emotions of our own, and realized our worlds, seemingly so close in this day, are really far apart.  For further info, look at the Photoquai 2009 website.

So, you have a few weeks left to catch this great free collection of photos.  Hope you can partager it with someone you love...especially if it is raining!  

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