Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Partager Paris Fashion WWII Style

Fashion is and, seemingly, has been very important in Paris;   Well I think its safe to say that Paris IS Fashion.  they say that it is the accessories that make your outfit, and its better to have a really good pair of shoes and nice bag, than to have 101 outfits.  So, where did this come from?
 Today we are celebrating Armistice Day, or known in the States as Veteran's Day, November 11 at 11 o'clock.  I decided to visit the Musée Jean Moulin near the Montparnasse train station to celebrate the fete, holiday.  Jean Moulin was the unifier of the Resistance movement in France.  The museum is a pretty sobering place, presenting authentic objects that have been donated to the museum, videos playing all around and photographs.  At the moment, there is a temporary exhibition of Women's Fashion and Accessories during WWII, and the important role it played in maintaining the people's morale during the "Années noires". Many of the parisan styles that we covet today as we faire du léche-vitrines, "window-licking" were on display...hats, stylish agendas, muffs, SHOES, jewelry, belts; handbags, but were fabricated from anything and everything that wasn't being used for the war effort.  Such creativity was assisted by women's magazines who printed "step-by step" instructions for many of the hats, purses, scarves, jewelry, etc. on display.  So today, when I added that "extra touch"  to my outfit, I thought about how important these "attentions to detail" that sometimes we just throw on, or grab up, as we run out the door,  must have been to the women of those black years.  Maybe fashion doesn't seem that important during those times, but it played a role that I didn't think about until this exhibition.
To better appreciate your "fashion details",  and understand the role of women's accessories during those times, visit this exhibition, which lasts until the 15th November, 2009

Musée Jean Moulin
Jardin Atlantique
23, allée de la 2nd DB
7015 Paris
open Tuesday - Sunday 10 to 6

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