Sunday, November 15, 2009

Partager Dimanche

The weekend flew by once again, but dimanche, Sunday, is always welcome and a brings an interesting view from our window.  We are fortunate to live right across the street from one of the most popular bakeries, Pain d'Epis.
As the fresh baguettes, croissants, pain du chocolate, etc...are ready, we can see and smell them.  C'est pret! Time to go to the bakery!  Its always an interesting show to see les gens de mon coin, people from my neighborhood, on their way back from the open market street of rue Cler,  lining up at the bakery, to buy their bread for their Sunday afternoon meal...Sundays are days to be spent with  la famille, the family.  The first time I saw a line forming out the door of the boulangerie, I thought they were giving away something for free...ha!

Oh, just love to Partager Dimanche with my family!

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