Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dans Mon Coin - La Grande Dame

Well, its been a great birthday week! I believe in making the most of it every year. That also explains the lack of daily postings..too much really good Champagne from
Epicerie Fine Rive Gauche
and from an impromptu birthday party celebrated at Le Bosquet. Jean-Fran├žois, the owner, has a great group to serve you, tasty menu (especially the St. Jacques and the Moelleux Chocolate..I never get enough!), and will recommend good wines if you don't have a clue! It is my other home. Speaking of other homes,...I am off to Florida tomorrow for 5 weeks..hopefully I will be able to check in from time to time and share my Florida vacation...if not, be sure to come Share Paris with me in the Fall!


  1. Partager Paris! What a great deal! I hope to hear from you soon Bev...May be sharing Florida and Jacksonville with us?
    Have a good time there.

  2. Merci Gamelle,

    there is much to be shared in my little-BIG world! Thanks for dropping by.