Friday, February 5, 2010

Partager Photos

Paris is THE place for photographers...but sometimes, the subjects are nearer to home.....

My husband has a huge passion for photography....  thus, many of our friends come our way when phtotographs are needed, as in this case, or wanted, as in this case, too...  And since I like to hold a camera myself, (I like to think of myself as the director muse), we have mingled our passions, skills and talents.  Its a great way to spend the day., and come on..We are in Paris!   So, here we have some of my husband's work that I wanted to partager with you. What do you think? 

(If you would like to see more of mon marie's photos take a look at his Flickr site.)

Maybe you would like to partager some days with us taking pictures in Paris.
We are waiting to hear from you.....

1 comment:

  1. Someday again, we four will be together in Paris. Last time we were aarmed with point & shoots and you had just received your Coolpix 8800.
    Think of you always. Miss you often