Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Partager Coulis de Salidou

It is the time of the year to take advantage of all things sweet! especially CARAMEL! I think I have maybe overdosed on that frame of mind as I look in the mirror...but, we still have time to perdre les poids before its time to put on those summer frocks.  Plus, if you follow the religious tradition of Lent, or maybe just join in the Mardi Gras after-party routine, you will be leaving the Sweets behind...on someone else's behind...ha. But while we can, let's partager some CARAMEL!  Who can go wrong with this delicious specialty from Brittany made from sugar, fresh butter, cream and salt from the Guérande...

The Coulis de Salidou, which can be found at my local L'Epicerie Fine, was introduced to me by Joanna.  She is always tempting me with delicious items from their shelves, and she has come to my culinary rescue on more than one occasion. I mentioned I wanted to make a simple, but delicious, pretty dessert...and "say no more"...The Coulis de Salidou was my answer.  So, on my way around town, I picked up some apple cakes, (crepes, waffles, even some favorite cookies would have worked fine); warmed up my caramel sauce, and had a fun time decorating the plates and licking my fingers afterward...needless to say, all were pleased!

At first, I thought, well, now that was fun, what's next to do with this delicious creme?  Well, there are  so many recipes that use this caramel creme, take a look, that I just hope my epicerie keeps it well-stocked!

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