Thursday, February 18, 2010

Partager Chocolate

Well, you know what they say about Le Chocolat?  Everyone loves it!  The weekend has arrived once more in Paris....and the proper thing to do if you are invited to someones's home for an evening of food and to take them a small cadeau.  So, tonite, we are invited out, and I am in search of the perfect hostess gift...and guess what comes to mind?  Bien Sûr!  Le Chocolat by Servant.  
They are some of the best I have eaten, and I have put many to the test.  It is artisanal chocolates made with 100% cocoa butter.   Their Ganaches are a reason to have a party and hope someone brings you a box...or maybe just go and buy your own!  They are smooth silky mixtures of chocolate and cream with a tiny touch of butter...and infused with a touch of coffee or tea, or fruits or a small hint of a liquor...or maybe even a bit of red pepper (happens to be one of my favorites, two flavors I had not imagined went so well together)
So, just to name a few that appeared in my last hostess gift...Le Palet Servant, L' Araguani, Le Tonka, Le Jasmin, Le Caramel Poire...such a name dropper I am...shall I go on?

think about Partagerai some Chocolats with someone this weekend...

30, rue d'Auteuil 75016 Paris

5 rue de Sévres 75006 Paris

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