Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Partager Paris and More ... Pleasure Grove

Dad's tomatoes
I'm back.  I've been back for a couple of weeks now.  

My time away was good, ... more like fullfilling, a bit too hot, but its good to sweat and feel the warmth of everything around you, too much to eat, never can get enough of my mom's cabbage and cornbread, canoeing with my Dad, beautiful sunsets, prayers for rain as we rock by the lake's shrinking edge,  the family of sandhill cranes that dance at sunset and cry you awake at dawn, rides in my father's pickup truck, sadness at the loss of our favorite grapefruit tree, hanging laundry out on the line, looking for slimy, nearly chartreuse treefrogs in the greenhouse,  screaming when spiders manage to surprise me,  watching my dad take naps, watching my mom as she sits and watches my dad,  the happiness of seeing my sisters walk thru the back door, reading "Out of Africa"  once again, seeing my presence even when I am so far away .....

Ohh, and eating my dad's tomatoes.  Truly delicious.  Just cut up with a sprinkle of salt.

So nice to see Mr. T again.  The next few weeks I will be reliving the last few weeks ... 


View from my window ... back in Paris!

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  1. Nicely described, a jump in time where everything slows down and you take your time, with the ones that you love, to share simple moments but unforgettable