Sunday, September 4, 2011

Partager La Rentrée

La Rentrée (defined as the reopening, reassembly, reappearance) is happening as I write... the truly french phenomena of everyone returning back to Paris to start the new school year. The rhythm of the city returns.

Time for new resolutions, new decorations,  new shoes!...
It is more like the NEW YEAR than the actual New Year.   The excitement is palpable.  You are ready to join in and up with a clean slate for the next 10 months.  Lives begin anew and  tous le monde are busy organizing their lives, their children’s lives, and even their pets’ lives.  
I have also joined the annual frenzy with my agenda out  .... penciling in the english classes I will be teaching;  trying to compose the perfect french email to begin (once again) the french classes that will make my life so much richer;  making promises to myself about my seriousness to paint on a regular basis and other equally important self-improvement activities; and  I am still in search of that perfect cross of Yoga, stretch and relaxation class.  Does it exist?   ahhh, the promise of good things to come ... 
And all the while, remembering the days of summer ... L’Yonne in the Burgundy region kept us entertained with its Vignobles in Chablis, Auxerre, and Vézelay, the Mohair d'Armançon, Vide Greniers (empty the attic sales), and the rolling green hills dotted with cows ...

Welcome back!


  1. every start of the school year is a new beginning for me too, i think "this is the year i will be organized and on top of all my kids paper work" ha, doesn't take long till i'm buried in it again!

  2. well, at least we are starting with good intentions!! Ha!!
    "Bon courage" as they say here is France!!

  3. Makes me smile this. I have good intentions with my learning of French. I must try for an hour each and every day. I must try to listen to the French news ... good intentions, good intentions ...