Saturday, March 26, 2011

Partager Park Villette

Looking for something a bit different to do this weekend?  Looking for some physical challenges, a whiff of fresh air, a way to build up those arms before the summer is here, or maybe just another perspective of Paris?  You might want to wander down to the Bassin de la Villette ... just keep walking down the Canal St. Martin and you are there.  An entertaining venture down the canal in your own boat, movies, bars, restaurants ... you can finish your stroll at the large  restaurant La Criée where you are sure to find a table waterside and a refreshing verre á vin  blanc  to watch the world go by ... 

Bon Weekend

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Partager Apéritif Dinatoire

Poulet Mousseline preparation
It is a real special moment when you are invited to your neighbors for the first time.  We have lived in our building for nearly 7 years now, and this was the first time any of our at least 15 neighbors had extended an invitation, an "aperitif dinatoire" was what she had said.  I was nervous. What was this "aperitif dinatoire"?  a few drinks, lasting a few hours at the most?   It turned out to be a really delightful evening ... ALL evening, with our hostess bringing out trays of food every so often paired with a different wine each time.  We ate, drank and talked about everything ... although who cares that I only understood 60 - 70% of what was said.  

So now its our turn!   An apero dinner is a brilliant idea; a dinner prepared in advance that needs no real further attention once your guests arrive; composed of many small tastes, cold and hot ...  A "laid - back" evening is what it is all about.  But, as an American from the south, where there is no such thing as too much food ... I have a tendency to overdo a bit ... so, once again I did.  Wanting the evening to be as delightful as the evening we had spent with them .. I  spent the week picking out recipes from every site on the web ... searching for the perfect combination of "services" for the "aperitif dinatoir" ...  I finally settled on the 4 services - Le froid, le chaud, le plat principal, le dessert, and thé/café.  It all looked so simple to prepare, the recipes were easily understood.  Certainly I would be done in no time!   The "no time" turned into all day ... But who cares when you are the eternal student of french cooking and entertaining!

So, if you are planning an evening with friends any time soon, you might want to do a la francaise with an aperitif dinatoire.  Take a look HERE for the perfect combination of recipes.  
Poulet Mousseline ready to eat!

Enjoy your evening!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Partager Lundi matin

Weekend Memories

Where are my keys, where is my purse, where is ma  tête?
Sometimes Monday mornings arrive when you least expect them.   I've found the best  way to get thru them is to remember the beautiful moments of the weekend ...
Bonne Semaine!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Partager the Best Chinese Restaurant in Paris!

Au Pays du Sourire Restaurant 5e Paris
On every corner is a Chinese Restaurant in Paris ... but this one is special.  This one is one of the last of the original Peking restaurants left in Paris.  We had been planning for several weeks to visit this restaurant.  I had passed it a few times, trying to look in the windows, as I was on my way to French class.  I was always a bit too early to see what kind of crowd it drew.  The date was set and sadly, at the last minute, Mr. T had to cancel, but I went ahead and met my dates there.  I arrived before the rest, but decided to go on in and get the feel of the place.  I was met with a large sourire, as promised by its name.  "Avez vous un reservation?"  Its always a good way to start a relationship with a restaurant in Paris that you might want to revisit ... IOWs Make a reservation if possible.  I replied "oui"  and I was seated in a very good spot.  The menu was extensive, so I was well entertained while I waited for my friends to join me.  They were also warmly greeted by the owner,  with much talk about this and that while menus were placed in everyone's hands, and apero orders were taken.  Apparently, Sunday and Thursday nights are the nights to visit as the chef, Mme Qi, makes a speciality Pékinoises ravioles, special dumplings  stuffed with meat and vegetables that are loved by all in the neighborhood.  I would suggest you get there early and be sure to make a reservation!
Pays du Sourire Restaurant 
32, rue de Bièvre
75005 Paris
01 43 26 15 69 
Metro Maubert Mutualité
Miam ....