Sunday, January 29, 2012

Partager 2012 in Paris!

The new year has started ... with lots of goings on ...

Just like the beautiful carrousels you find all around France ... life is going round ....
and round ...  
the sights constantly changing.  

Its up to you when you decide to get on  and ride the ride.  

Paris has lots going on in 2012!  



Le Bonheur, C'est l'odeur de l'air,
les matins d'été,
fraiche et un peu piquante


  1. who doesn't like a carousel?! festive image!

  2. I love the carrousels of France! They are in practically every little town, and all over Paris.
    They keep me young, ha! thanks for dropping by,

  3. Well..I'm certainly on the carrousel and beginning my ride of a lifetime. Just under huit semaines before I touch down in Gay Paree. Parfait. J'adore your blog!

    1. Hope you enjoy your ride too! its pretty cold here, but all the cafés and museums are warm! Thanks for dropping by , PPxx

  4. I've loved carrousels since the first time I saw one in Asbury park NJ! The problem is you really need a kid with you to ride on one without feeling foolish and I don't know any kids in Paris except for me!
    I finished 2011 and started 2012 in Paris making sort of a carrousel out of the years as I do this often.

    1. Yes, I was visiting the carrousel near me the other day... and a woman was there with her young daughter. She asked if there was an age limit, and he laughed and told her she was definitely old enough for the ride!! Ha! Paris is the place to feel like a kid anytime!
      Enjoy your ride!