Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Partager the Season of the Crepes!

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday.  Paris celebrated by having a big parade on Sunday ... and had many events yesterday ... But like I said, ... that was yesterday and yesterday is gone.  
It is now time to use up our reserves of butter, oil and eggs.  Conveniently, these are the ingredients necessary for a good crepe:
Recipes for Easy-Does-It Crepes
200 grams of flour
3 eggs
1/2 liter of milk
1 pinch of salt
1 spoonful of rum!
  • Sift your flour into a bowl.  Add the salt.  Make little dips to break your eggs into
  • Add the milk slowly and stir in order to remove any clomping of the flour.  
  • Add the rum
  • Let sit for one hour
  • Oil up your skillet.  When the skillet is hot, add the mixture and let sit until its cooked a bit.
  • Turn with a spatula and remove when it starts to curl around the corners (about 1 minute)
  • Serve right away
  • You can top with sugar, jelly, honey, lemon, chocolate .....
TIP !! Throw away the first crepe!  It is never good!
Now if you don’t feel like doing all this in your own little kitchen ... you can wander around town and find LOTS of crepe stands and restaurants.  For a tip for the best crepe stands, check to see if they are making them fresh.  If they are warming up pre-cooked ones ...  move on.  In the 14th arrondisment near Montparnasse, Little Brittany,  is where there are many crepe restaurants.  One of my favorites is 
Le Flibustier where they serve traditional crepes, sweet and salty (Galettes de Sarrazin) and delicious Cidre Bolee D’Armorique ... 100% pure juice.

They have a great lunch menu, Menu Midi:

Menu Midi à 9€
Au choix : Salade ou café
1 bolée de cidre
1 galette complète au choix
(-jambon, oeuf, fromage
-jambon, oeuf, tomate
-jambon, oeuf, champignon
-Thon, tomate, poivrons, oeuf,
oignons, courgettes, aubergines )
1 crêpe dessert au choix
(-beurre sucre
-caramel beurre salé
-confiture )

01 43 21 70 03
Adresse Postale
20 rue d'Odessa
75014 Paris
Dates d'ouverture :
Tous les jours

Hope you find the perfect Crepe!


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