Sunday, July 15, 2012

Partager a bit of Florida ...

With all the rain we have been having in Paris, I decided to take a trip to Sunny Florida for some time with the family.  And as always, it was great, but a bit too short.

My folks live on a small lake, which is my favorite place to sit at sunset.  All the birds come home to roost, the herons, cranes, egrets, the alligators ( yes, they live there, too) swim slowly by with their snouts sniffing for small dogs to serve as an evening aperitif,  and the sunset paints a different picture every night.  Monet didn't have it any better than this.     
Its the most relaxing place in my world.

There are also plenty of ants and lizards to keep me company while I am there, too.

But now its back to the rainy, romantic days in  ... will we ever get some 
all-day-long sunshine ?   We can dream ....


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