Friday, February 18, 2011

Partager Passage Brady

Passage Brady
"Let's eat  Indian tonight?" 
If that sounds good to you, too, try heading over to the Passage Brady in the 10eme this weekend.   Especially if the weather is a bit rainy or cool.   Not only does it have some very good Indian and Pakistan restaurants, but there are also some very interesting grocery stores there.  
If its time to fill up on curry, tumeric, coriander (great in coffee if you want that exotic gout first thing in the morning ... I know I do), or maybe you are needing some essential oils, like patchouli, sandlewood, lavendar, (nice to mix in a spritzer bottle and spray around the house or on your ironing, if you actually still iron) ...  or a nice orange to make you sleep better .... if not any of that, certainly you will need some curry sauce (I love Patak"s) and Naan bread  for that homemade Indian meal if you can't make it out to your favorite Indian restaurant near the Gare de Nord.  
But, if none of this is on your list, I'm sure you will find something at Velan's, a great way to while away some time and find that perfect exotic trinket you've been looking for.  Take some time to pick out some fruit and vegetables in the "passage" in front of the store.  The prices are certainly "interesting"! 

If you have an extra few minutes or maybe still a bit hungry, stroll around the area, rue L'Echiquier de Metz.  There are many traitors and restaurants that might have that perfect Turkish patisserie for an afternoon tea.

Bon weekend!

"After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one's relatives"
Oscar Wilde

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