Thursday, February 24, 2011

Partager Paris Dans Mon Coin "Villa Adriana"

Villa Adriana
Antiquités, brocante, bijoux et objets de charme
What a lovely name I said to myself as I walked by ...Villa Adriana ...   admiring the terra cotta sculpture in the display window ... léchez la vitrine, a favorite pastime of mine.
So many times I have walked in front of this "vitrine" telling myself  that the next time I really should stop and shop ... well the next time was today.   Its a small shop, just the right amount of space to be able to see everything .. I would call it a very cosy space with pictures traveling up the walls, vintage umbrellas, italian glass vases of various shapes and colors, art deco mirrors (wish it were mine ...), table lamps and ceiling lamps from romantic eras, and  my favorite ... vintage jewelry!  A large collection of Nina Ricci earrings, Chanel style necklaces, brooches, and a plethora of 19th century "objects de charme"  that all have a history that I could feel while I was exchanging short stories with the welcoming proprietaire of this very lovely antiques store dans mon coin.
Villa Adriana has been providing the quartier with antiques and broncante finds for 17 years. The owner has a real passion for finding special pieces from all over Paris.  So for those visitors to Paris who don't have the time to visit the Grande Puces of Paris, you can find that special objet de charme right here, next to the Eiffel Tower.

Villa Adriana
44 avenue Bosquet
75007 Paris
email: for that special something!

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  1. Villa Adriana has a good range of antiques and vintage collection that are worth checking out. I hope that they will open an online shop with their products someday.