Sunday, October 2, 2011

Partager Jardin des Plantes's Secret Spots .....

The Jardin des Plantes, also known as the Medicinal Garden of the King, located in the 5th arrondissement,  is a well-known place, well trod by the gens who live nearby.  It is the main botanical garden in France, covering 24 hectares, 235,000 square meters, or easier for some of us to grasp ... 69 acres.  In 1626, Louis XIII was confronted by botanist and king’s doctor Jean Hérouard, for the need of a garden for medicines and research.  It was then open to the public in 1640.  

Les Grandes Serres

I have been there many times, but it wasn’t until mon amie asked if I had ever visited the Alpine Garden and other “secret” corners of this famous place ...  that I realized I had only skimmed the surface of flowers to admire and the caché places to be found here.  

Our visit was to begin with the newly reopended Les Grandes Serres, or HotHouses (more to come ...), we headed in their direction.  After circling the gardens for the entrance to the green houses, we find they are closed on Tuesdays!   A quick decision was made to continue our day there, visiting the "hidden" areas of the garden that mon amie had promised me. We headed in search of the  Alpine Jardin.  What a wonderful surprise of over 3,000 different species of world-wide mountain plantes and flowers (from the Alpes, Pyrénées, Corsica, Balkans, Maroc, and Himolayans) hidden between the zoo and greenhouses ...  AND, Personne, no one, was there!  just us!  The gardens have small paths which circle aound, up and down, just like you are doing a bit of mountain hiking in the middle of Paris!  I felt like yodeling just a little, but I was afraid I would scare the deers seen peaking thru the fence ...
The Alpin Garden can be visited every day, but a TIP ... if you go during the week you can enter free of charge!  If you happen to visit on the weekend, look for the ticket booth for the Hothouses.  You can buy your tickets there.

The Alpine Garden will be closed at the end of October,so take some time to visit now!
One of the secret places in Paris!  

More secret places to come ....  PPxx

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