Friday, May 11, 2012

Partager Salle Pleyel

I usually buy the Pariscope, although I have from my french friends, that real Parisians buy the L'Officiel Spectacle for all their weekend plans ... but I still prefer the Pariscope.  And now that I can pronounce it correctly when I ask for it at my favorite kiosk, I really prefer it.
Each week I like to read the Rencontre Avec .... where they interview some somewhat famous person that lives in Paris.  They ask things such as :
Which bank, right or left, do you prefer?
What is the symbol of Paris to you?
Your favorite place to take a walk,
Bistro of grand table?
Your last great time out in Paris
What would you like to see for Paris’ future ....
followed by a page of the person’s favorite “fetiches”
All quite informative for my "research" about Paris.
Another favorite section of mine in the Pariscope is the weeks’ agenda of classical concerts.  This past week, I noticed a concert Gratuit at the Salle Pleyel, which is a place I have been yearning to go ...  The Orchestre Symponique du CRR de Paris was playing ... My big chance to visit this lovely 1930’s salle with red velvet seats and perfect acoustics!  

A little about the Salle Pleyel ... 
The Salle Pleyel became the most celebrated concert location in Paris. It was there that Stravinsky returned to direct Agon in 1957, then Threni in 1958, and where Otto Klemperer gave his highly intense spiritual interpretations of Mahler’s 9th Symphony and Beethoven’s Heroica. It is there that the Orchestre de Paris took up residence and conquered a wide audience with Daniel Barenboïm. It is there that musicians ranging from Louis Armstrong to Ravi Shankar, from Sviatoslav Richter to Jorge Bolet, from Jascha Heifetz to David Oïstrakh; all of the great interpreters who have marked our perception of music have played.

So, when you are visiting Paris, pick up the Pariscope ... (Pareescope), and take a look.  You might find your perfect night out, too.



  1. Some of my best musical experiences in Paris have been at free, afternoon events at Salle Pleyel.

  2. I really enjoyed it, and hope to go back soon. thanks for dropping by ...

  3. ParisScope has a wealth of information. My maman, who was the ultimate Parisienne, always bought the Pariscope. She loved the interviews as well. Merci!

  4. Merci give such great tips. I really like the sound of Salle Pleyel...will check it out. Went to La Villette on Friday to see some contemporary dance....the venue was not really comfortable unfortunately....but am looking for a beautiful salon where I can hear some fab chamber music. Salle Pleyel may be perfect.