Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dans Mon Coin - La Grande Dame

Well, its been a great birthday week! I believe in making the most of it every year. That also explains the lack of daily postings..too much really good Champagne from
Epicerie Fine Rive Gauche
and from an impromptu birthday party celebrated at Le Bosquet. Jean-François, the owner, has a great group to serve you, tasty menu (especially the St. Jacques and the Moelleux Chocolate..I never get enough!), and will recommend good wines if you don't have a clue! It is my other home. Speaking of other homes,...I am off to Florida tomorrow for 5 weeks..hopefully I will be able to check in from time to time and share my Florida vacation...if not, be sure to come Share Paris with me in the Fall!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Dans Mon Coin" Serge Lutens

It's hard for me to resist perfume, not just any perfumes, but the Parfums made by Serge Lutens "..a stimulant for the senses, tonic for the spirit, a luxurious mirage, our own shadow.." is how he describes his magic potions. I must have inherited this great trait from my mom, who is also a perfume lover. I have converted my whole family...the female ones, at least...come to think of it? Does he have men's perfumes as well? Something for me to "nose" around and find out (please pardon the pun). Lucky for me , over the weekend, Marionnaud, dans mon coin had a moins 20% sale on all perfumes! talk about a stimulating experience! this perfume is meant to be shared...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Dans Mon Coin" Brocante!

Oh how I love a Brocante! I can spend hours rummaging, pretending, wondering, maybe even buying at a brocante. Rue Cler usually has two brocantes a year, one in the fall and one in the summer. Its a real social occasion for the other shopkeepers around the brocante, too. Never miss a chance to sell your wares! There is something for everyone's tastes, as bizarre or as classic a taste as one my have... and the day is shared with all!

Friday, June 5, 2009

"Dans Mon Coin" Pain & Chocolat

Salon de thé, petits dejeuners, patisseries, viennoiseries...miam, miam! This was one of my secret places, but I think the cat is out of the bag! And why not? As you walk down La Motte Picquet (16 avenue La Motte Picquet, to be exact) in the 7th, Paris, you are tempted by this discrete, intimate, so sweet-looking, petit restaurant...the smells beckon you in...along with its vitrine of lovely, naughty desserts. Each one would be welcomed at your own table...and always served with a smile. Pain and Chocolat, you will still be one of my secret places, but now I will have to share it with others...avec plaisir!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Dans Mon Coin" L'Epicerie Fine


L'Epicerie Fine, located on rue du Champ de Mars, is the place where everyone knows your name. Pascal, the owner, along with his wife, Nathalie, and Joanna run this fine food store. Its not uncommon to find half of the "coin" tasting wines, jams, spice cake..whatever the season is serving. Par example, the other night, we tasted this year's ROSÉS..Les CRU 2008.. Nine to be exact, well, I think...I did have trouble keeping count .All were delicious, as I am prone to a nice Rosé for the summer. If I'm having a low day...this is where I head..just the smell as I walk in the door is enough to put my head back in the clouds, where I like it..the oils, the vinegars, the teas, the cafés..the wines...yikes! that reminds me! I need a nice rosé for the evening! Maybe I will try the Domain des Aspras Culture Biologique.. Down I go.. to L'Epicerie Fine, where eveyone knows my name.

(a Big Merci Bien to Ted Tabor, photograph)