Friday, April 30, 2010

Partager Vintage

It was her fur hat that caught my eye, but the shoes really did it....

I started at BHV, just like the young girl (wearing the cool, fur hat) told me...never miss a trip to BHV!...then up the Rue des Archives, turning right onto Rue de la Verriere...which then leads you to Rue du Roi de Sicile...and along the way you have MANY Vintage and Fripperies ( french used stuff), mainly clothes and accessories.  There are also the occasional used furniture stores,but many of them have taken things a few steps further...and are now  chic galleries with outrageous creations.   The very smalI boutiques were filled with many sorts..  Apparently it is the latest thing, AGAIN.  Vintage will always be searched out amongst the more audacious fashionistas.   But Vintage makes sense for alot of us...Since the fiscal calamity many of us have been living amongst, and for the younger crowds, it is a good way  to stretch your  fashion, this is one of the best ways to live green.   It could take at least a day to visit them all, so plan for time and  wear an easy- to -change into/out-of outfit, since many of these petit boutiques are just that PETIT!  

Here are a few addresses to search out:

Vintage Bar 
16 rue de la Verriere 

2 rue de la Verriere
(nice collection of jewelry)

The King of Frip
33 rue de Sicile 
(a bit disorganized but lots to go thru...upstairs and downstairs)

I plan another visit soon, so I will Partager Vintage  with you again soon...

Bon Weekend!

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