Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Partager mon Coin - le 7eme Arrondisement

Paris is a collection of villages...each with their own "flavors" , boulangeries, butcheries, restaurants, street people, post offices (although one of ours closed recently, making the trip to La Poste a bit more of a tour), chocolate shops, exotic groceries, fromageries, fruit and vegetable stands...I'm sure you get the picture... 

I was fortunate to be "plopped"  in the 7th many years ago.  This was the village that my husband always stayed in during his stays in Paris...always stayed at the same hotel, ate at the same restaurant, bought his bread at the same, it was only natural that we would get an apartment in the 7th when we convinced ourselves that living in Paris was the right thing to do.  Now, 3 apartments later, all within a block of each other, I feel like a member of the village.  I never fail to see someone I know as I wander around, doing my "gathering"  ...the groceries, the bread, the fruits and vegetables, the miscellaneous needs of a household.  But, always felt a bit estranged since I am the Americaine.  But, yesterday was a highlight for me, as I was invited to the Mairie du 7eme arrondissement (the Mayor's building) to celebrate the awards ceremony for a good friend.  After many, many years of dedicated service to the BeBes de Gros Caillou, a benevolent society that provides food and other needs to families in distress, she was given a "Médaillé de Bénévolat".  A highly recognized affair by the inhabitants of the "village".  The awards were given out in the "Salle du Marriage" ....a large salon, walls covered in murals of family scenes, gold carvings, and chandeliers in each room, ornate large bouquets of flowers, and, of course, the serving tables loaded with champagne!  I truly felt like part of the neighborhood! and obliged to Partager the Champagne!  A great time was had by all!
Dans mon be continued....


  1. Can you give me some details about your travel guide services? I'm looking for some tips or a day guide for brocante shopping. Will be in Paris 7/9/10 - 7/23/10. a market or district or both would be interesting.

  2. Hello Renee,
    sorry for the delay in backlogged in the volcanic ash.
    if you are still needing a guide, I would be happy to help...but I am not available until the 19 of July. Let me know if that isn't too late!
    There are so many nice places, markets, etc I would be happy to share with you.