Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Partager les Jardins des Tuileries

The weekends pass too fast...along with the weeks, for that matter....but we are happy to see the days of really cold and snow fading away...and giving way to the giboulées de Mars, never sure what the weather will be, rain, wind, sun, maybe hail...The Giboulées are a sure sign that Le Printemps is on its way.   The day was consumed with finding the perfect photo, as my photog husband was in another photo competition.  Having this "photo-goal" kept us on a somewhat rigid schedule,  as we had many photo "ops" picked out for the many shots that would end with the one GREAT photo du jour compétitif.    Walking down rue Cler  we began our shooting...  the cafés bulging with the Saturday mid-morning crowd, the from-all-over tourists staring at the daily specials boards, not realizing that they were the same as yesterday....the legumes et fruits saisonnier artfully displayed (is it time to make that cresson soup I've been hungry for?) ... the long line for the tasty nutella crepes, as the little ones race in and out on their lasers, the well-dressed ladies of the quartier discussing the evening's dinner plans, quickly walking to L'Epicerie Fine to buy some Bertillon Ice Cream (the only place in the neighborhood that sells it)...ohh, so many ops.. But we walk on and take the bus 69 to reach the other side of the river to make the pilgrimage walk thru Les Jardins des Tuileries.  

Here you will find an example of elegant gardens á la française, designed in 1664 for Louis XIV by André LeNotre.  The manicured gardens with the 18 bronze nudes by Maillol, plus other statues by Rodin, Laurens, name a few... elegantly placed throughout ensures an entertaining stroll.  But the most entertaining and  photogenic sites are the surprises that we hope to encounter during our stroll,... someone amongst the 6 million visitors per year, or maybe while we are watching les enfants sail their boats in the fountains under the watchful eyes of their nanou, or maybe the ice-cream vendors at each entrance vying for our euros,  or something of interest in the little garden shop at the entrance, where I can always find a little book with beautiful tulips on the front, or pictures of garden ideas,  and petit sculptures for your balcony...One of my Favorite stops; even on a rigid schedule...

Partager les Jardins of Paris, there are many to chose from and they are the perfect places to find those perfect  photographs of spring!  

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