Thursday, March 25, 2010

Partager Photos - IZIS Paris des Rêves

Being the social director is never an easy task...especially in Paris where there is something to do every minute and on every corner.. j'exagére un peu...What to do...AND what to do next??  is always the question....So we are on the bus on our way to our first scheduled stop, the Bibliothéque Fourney for an exhibition of contemporary textile art that had been recommended by J.; (whihc was quite inspiring for all),  to be followed by a bite to eat at my favorite falafel restaurant on Rue de Rosiers, L'As du Falafel.  I have been eating at this restaurant for years, before I found out it was"famous" on the tourist route,  and it deserves that talk because it is good and does not change...the house lemonades only get better!  So back to our tour de we pass the Hotel de Ville, I see there is NO line (to speak of ...) for the IZIS free exhibition!!  I can only think that it is our lucky day!  AVOIR LE BON CHANCE!  The waiting lines have been all around to the front door of BHV ever since the photo exhibition had opened!   So, I give the sortie the bus command to all of my charges (all family, thank goodness no paying customers for this petit tour) and we hurriedly cross the street to the exposition.  Well, if you know Paris, you (rather I)  should have known there was a REASON for this petit queue....the exposition was fermer until 2:30...yes, and it was only 1:30!  C'est dommage!  We were determined to wait it out, as is the custom here;  plus I have been longing to see this Paris des Rêves a long wait turned into quality family time...and the rewards from the exposition were worth every minute we waited.  

A few words about  Izis IZISIS, born in Lithuania,  ... moved to Paris when he was 19 years of age.  He was friends with Colette, Jacques Prévert and Marc Chagall.  This exposition is "Paris of his Dreams"  of post war Paris...the poetic images of love, the sadness of lives lost to the fight for liberty and the reinvention of family after such a devastating event.
You will remember the images he caught for quite a while....

So, If you are in Paris this spring, take a chance, stand in line for awhile and Partager les photos of IZIS and his dreams of Paris...

Hôtel de Ville until 29 Mai, 2010

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