Sunday, March 14, 2010

Partager RED TAPE!

Somehow I missed a week of my happens to all of us, don't you think.. ? Sometimes, it is on purpose, other times it just can't be helped.  I spent the last week mulling over many big things in of those things was doing Les Impots, or commonly known to us as TAXES.  Yes, even though we live in France, we must file USA taxes, as well as French taxes.  It is a time-consuming task...all should be printed, scanned, named, put in special files, desktop and in-desk, ..and rechecked with corrections in RED...It isn't the difficulty of the task, but just the confusion of turning over the RIGHT STUFF!  Although I have lived here a while now, I still maintain confusion about what is the URSSAF or CNBF(CIPAV), RAM (RSI),!! or any other optional charges that  I might have paid throughout the past year, that just might be deductible!  And believe me, you are looking for any and all deductions when you realize how much of your worth is given back to maintain the social structures of this beautiful country we are now calling home.
So, I have just licked the BIG envelope closed, and the important decision is... do I trust La Poste or do I take the bus and hand-deliver this important, personal item?  I think I will opt for the bus, I did help pay for it and it is ohhh so convenient.  Partager a ride on BUS 92 with me?  

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