Saturday, March 6, 2010

Partager Pharmacie

Pharmacies are everywhere in France, especially in Paris.  If it isn't a coiffeur, it's a pharmacy.  And thank goodness for that, because, the pharmacists play a more substantial role than they did at my Walgreen's in Florida.  Here, besides being very kind and sympathetic, they will recommend drugs for you and sometimes, even refill your prescription although it has run out...that is if they know you and its not a heavy drug you are trying for....Once, when we were traveling in southern France, I forgot my pills, which did make my husband crazy...
"how could you forget a pill that you take everyday of your life??!"  

Anyways, we found a pharmacie; they listened to my difficult situation and gave me my pills!!  Imagine that happening in Walgreens! so, my conclusion here is that the majority of pharmacies that I have visited are quite "sympa". The Pharmacy has so many nice products, too...many homeopathic...products to fix every aspect of your life! The thought that teas and creams can do the job is worth the trial run, don't you think?  So, if while you are visiting Paris, you come down with a malady,  look for the flashing green cross with the Martini glass in the middle, and don't hesitate to go in and partager your problems with our very sympa pharmacists.  I can highly recommend Pharmacie Bosquet!