Thursday, May 20, 2010

Partager La Nuit des Musees 2010

I love museums.  I love going out at night in Paris.  It is always beautiful, the lights of the city  reflecting over the river and caressing the soft stone of the Haussmanian style buildings ...

Several times during the year, special nights are assigned to be "all-nighters"  not in the sense of years ago...but making the night in Paris long and special.  On Saturday night, May 15, all over Europe museums were kept open until at least midnight for everyone's viewing pleasure.  We started the evening a bit late, but managed to catch up with the crowd in the Marais.  Trying to decide between the Musée Carnavalet and the Maison de la Chasse and de la Nature  , we decided on the Musée Carnavalet because it had a photography exhibition.  
As we are addicted to these, we set usual the musée was filled with people, but with all the rooms and exhibitions to visit and ahhhh over, we had no problems entertaining ourselves until the magic hour of the magic night was over...

The next "all-nighter"  will be the 21 of June for the Fete de la Music.
This is a very special night in Paris, so if you are here, be ready to stay up and enjoy the music all day and all night...celebrating the longest day with music on every corner!

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