Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Partager the Maharaja's Clothes

This absolutely beautiful exhibition was held at the Yves Saint Laurent - Pierre Bergé foundation.  My visit last week to the exhibition was time very well spent, and opened me up to the desire to discover all things Indian.    I had never visited the YSL foundation; a delicate Haussmanian building in the 16th near the Pont d'Alma, a nice walk from where I live, and I was glad that I finally made the visit.  The exhibition was a grand collection of more than 60 models of Royal costumes from the "Deepak and Daksha Hutheesing Collection"  (last few decades of the British Raj);  showcasing darbar costumes from the 1911-1947.  The years where wearing all your jewels was very fashionable and so alluring....

The family who shared their collection has more than 5,000 pieces that they have acquired by four generations of family, beginning of 19th century to the middle of the 20th century.  Standing there, staring at these beautifully adorned models wearing achkans, chogas, shervanis, saris, adhas, embellished in gold , silver, silk, brocade, velvet, more than a rainbow of colors...I tried to imagine this era of grandeur, elegance, and luxury...and complete decadence.  I was so caught up in the moment, I could easily see myself wearing a heavily golden-threaded sari that wound around me like a pet snake, with many hundreds of bracelets on my arms, rings on every finger, bells on my toes,... and ready to accept a magic carpet ride from my favorite genie .....

The different outfits worn by the models were inspiration for my summer wardrobe..  
so, I think I will take a trip over to rue Cail and environs le 10e for some shopping and to pick up some mung dal for dinner.  Anyone want to partager  the day with me?
Please let me would be avec plaisir!

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