Saturday, July 31, 2010

Partager Parc Bagatelle

The weekend has arrived once again .. right on time.  The city has cleared out nicely, and it is the month of sharing this beautiful city with les etrangers that keep this city bustling  and beautiful.  I do love the month of August in Paris, although an old friend told me ... "in the old days you would not be seen in Paris in August; you would be too embarrassed to be in the city instead of your country home in the provinces.  If you did not have a country home, so sorry for you, then you  would just pull your blinds down and stay hidden!"   Well, I am glad its not like that today, but it is nice to enjoy the calmness of the city, the long nights that are perfect for walks along the river, the light just right for the perfect romantic photographs near the Square du Vert Galant, and the lights of the city gleaming in your eyes ...Paris, Paris, Paris!  

Here is a nice place to visit  during these long days .. the lovely restaurant at Parc de Bagatelle.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Partager Boutons (Buttons)!!

Button, Button, Who has the Button?! Originating from the French work bouton,  I'm sure many of us have played that game.  What I wasn't sure about is that the Bouton is so old and so popular.  I can remember spending hours with my mother's button box, never eating a one ...  and those pretty buttons could keep me entertained for hours ... just as they can today.  There are some great places to buy buttons here in Paris; The Marché St. Pierre, at the Puce, and I have found one or two just laying on the sidewalk.  But the place to enjoy buttons in Paris is the exhibition, Boutons, phénomène artistique, historique et culturel  at the Foundation Mona Bismarck.  As you walk in the door to this beautiful hotel particular, with its romantic, winding staircase and white- black tiled floor,  you are met by a very nice gentleman who hands you a looking glass, for your viewing pleasure, and gently ushers you into the darkened room lit by a fairly mammoth lustre, walled in mirrors.  Buttons surround you, about 1,500 buttons of the most rarest and beautiful buttons,  telling you their story ... which begins like this ....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Partager Routes D'Arabia at the Louvre

The first day or so after a trip back over the BIG pond, I tend to be a bit lazy.  But my mentor and friend, J, wouldn't allow that ... and I am grateful for her energy and determination to  enlighten and broaden herself, and include me on her path.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Partager Paris in the Summertime

BACK in PARIS for the summertime!  Tres Chaud, but lots of fun for all!

After 24 hours of traveling, via Canada Air this time, I am back in Paris.  The last month was spent with Family and Friends in the beautiful, but some days way too hot, FLORIDA - my home before Paris.  

But now I'm back and already hitting the streets for all that Paris has to offer for summer fun, and there is lots of fun for all.  I took the obligatory walk thru the neighborhood .. starting with the all the beautiful brides gathered in front of the Tour Eiffel for their pictures with their families,  sharing the Champ de Mars with all the energetic children enjoying the beautiful warm day, up and down the rue St. Dominique, excited to see that the SOLDES are still going on (!), smelling  my favorite Moisson Bread at the boulangerie on rue Grenelle, passing by L'Epicerie Fine for their inspiring vitrines to see what I should buy for the next time we entertain and, of course, including a stroll down rue Cler, our famous market street, I felt like I was home again.  

OHhh, what a feeling!
Come and Partager the feeling with me sometime soon!  
Tomorrow is the fresh market on Blvd. Grenelle to gather my evening meal...why don't you come along?