Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Partager Paris in the Summertime

BACK in PARIS for the summertime!  Tres Chaud, but lots of fun for all!

After 24 hours of traveling, via Canada Air this time, I am back in Paris.  The last month was spent with Family and Friends in the beautiful, but some days way too hot, FLORIDA - my home before Paris.  

But now I'm back and already hitting the streets for all that Paris has to offer for summer fun, and there is lots of fun for all.  I took the obligatory walk thru the neighborhood .. starting with the all the beautiful brides gathered in front of the Tour Eiffel for their pictures with their families,  sharing the Champ de Mars with all the energetic children enjoying the beautiful warm day, up and down the rue St. Dominique, excited to see that the SOLDES are still going on (!), smelling  my favorite Moisson Bread at the boulangerie on rue Grenelle, passing by L'Epicerie Fine for their inspiring vitrines to see what I should buy for the next time we entertain and, of course, including a stroll down rue Cler, our famous market street, I felt like I was home again.  

OHhh, what a feeling!
Come and Partager the feeling with me sometime soon!  
Tomorrow is the fresh market on Blvd. Grenelle to gather my evening meal...why don't you come along?


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